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2021. 4. 8. 07:43편리한 생활정보

2021 is the beginning of the year when the stock market and other financial markets seem to be hit by a carpet bomb due to the rise of Bitcoin.

As of April 3, 2021, it exceeded 75 million won, so the initial listing price jumped 750,000 times to 100 won, and it is surprising to see that it is only a matter of time before the 100 million won is exceeded in the future.

It is curious how long the upward trend of virtual currency such as Ethereum, Lightcoin, and Paycoin will continue, led by Bitcoin, a virtual currency that is going high despite all kinds of speculation.

Most people question the future value and utility of cryptocurrency, but the daily transaction amount, total and growth rate of cryptocurrency already listed and traded makes me think it's out of date for those who haven't started it, but it's really scary and scary to jump into it now.

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On March 24, 2021, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, a U.S. electric vehicle producer, announced that he would be able to purchase Tesla with cryptocurrency bitcoin. Beyond investing in bitcoin, the fact that it allowed its subsidiaries to pay electric cars with bitcoin resonated greatly and once again increased interest in cryptocurrency.

I'm thinking about how virtual currencies will change in the future, using my past misconceptions about cryptocurrency as a mirror, and looking at blockchain currencies that are not listed yet that have future value and growth potential. The choice was PiCoin, developed by PiNetwork.

Compared to the method of mining Bitcoin, which is an electricity-eating hippopotamus, it is easy to mine through a cell phone, not a computer, but it does not consume batteries, and the speed of transmission that is incomparably faster than other cryptocurrencies has fascinated me.

Comparing the transaction processing speed, Bitcoin has 7 cases per second and Ethereum 35 cases per second, while Pycoin can process 100 million cases every 3 seconds, and block production speed can produce 1 block per 10 minutes and Ethereum 120 seconds, while Pycoin has an overwhelming advantage in production efficiency.

For virtual currency to be free to use in real life, the most important thing is the transmission speed and transaction processing speed of coins, so if the test node and test wallet test net that Pi coin is trying to make is listed beyond the mainnet, it will be popular.

Bitcoin is considered a diamond or gold value and is unlikely to function as a commodity that cannot be used freely in real life, and Pi coin is expected to function freely anywhere by integrating all-shape currency beyond its function as a dollar.

Cryptocurrency Picoin is stepping up to the limit.........

Let's join with future pension or installment savings...........

Finally, I think back to Warren Buffett's words.

If you don't find a way to get money in while you're sleeping,

You will have to work until you die.

How to join Picoin↓↓↓↓↓

1. Download and subscribe to the Pi Network app from your Play Store or Apple Store, or click to download it.
2. You can sign up either by cell phone number or by Facebook.
3. When signing up for a cell phone, check South Korea (+82) and enter your cell phone number.
4. Enter at least 8 digits of password. (You must have at least one English case and one number)
5. Enter first name Last name
6. Enter the desired ID in the user name (will be used when receiving recommendations in the future)
7. Enter invitation code recommendation ID (tv6636) (You must enter to achieve faster deflection).^^)
8. Get started Click on it, tap to ear press and keep clicking on the start enter to start mining, and the quantity that is mined appears at the top.